Eternity Nitrate Water Filter

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Brand: Pro Water Direct

Nitrates come from human and animal waste and are considered harmful when levels exceed 10ppm – especially for infants and women who are pregnant or nursing.

We manufacture Whole House Nitrate Filters to reduce nitrate levels by 90% or more.

Our special strong base anion resin will not release or “dump” nitrates until regeneration. This macroporous resin also provides rapid adsorption kinetics, which means Nitrates are quickly removed as water passes through the Filter. Once the resin beads are loaded with Nitrates, the system can efficiently regenerate the resin with standard water softener salt.

  • Effectively reduces Nitrate levels
  • Simple maintenance with standard water softener salt
  • High flow 1.25" valve for better water pressure
  • LIFETIME warranty moving parts!!!
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